How a Wedding Sand Ceremony Works for Any Type of Wedding Ceremonies


One of the most unforgettable and memorable moments in our lives is our wedding day. This day marks a new chapter of one's life and because of that, it is just right to spare time for the preparation of your wedding day. 

Wedding ceremonies are often celebrated traditionally wherein you get wed in the church. There are also instances that some prefer to get wed in a garden or beach. Regardless of your preferred location, what is important is that you get to have your wedding blessings not just from God but from your families and friends, too.

During the ceremony, the groom and the bride exchange their vows. The wearing of the ring and candle ceremony will always be part of the ceremony regardless of where it is held. But there is one type of ceremonial vows that also show how intimate and important the wedding is and this actually represents the blessings of the entire families of both sides. This type of ceremony is the wedding sand ceremony.

Wedding sand ceremony is actually a form of union of both the bride and groom. This is often done after both parties exchanged their vows. There are also some who prefer to this part during the reception of the wedding. But regardless of where you are going to insert the said ceremony, the important thing is that you have included it in your wedding to make your wedding extra special.

So how does a wedding sand ceremony works? First of all, you need to gather the materials needed to perform the sand ceremony. You need to have vase and the size of which depends on your preference. Most couples prefer to have a vase that is big so that their family members can also contribute. You can also personalize the vase by means of carving, embossing or anyway you like it. The vase will serve as your union so it is just right that you make an effort to have the vase personalized as a remembrance of your wedding and union so click to learn.

Once you have the vase, you will also need sand with different colors. For couples who want the pouring of sand limited to them, they should have different colors to represent their selves. They will pour the wedding sand of their colors alternately until the vase is filled. The families can also pour their own sand colors as a sign of approval and blessing to the newlyweds.

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